As COSMOS we aim to provide a safe and friendly environment for all students at the TU/e. We provide a voice for international students amongst the TU/e community. All rules and regulations about COSMOS can be found in our official regulations.


COSMOS has 375 members from over 55 different nationalities. The members of Cosmos are the heart of the association, and their work and enthusiasm keeps the association running. Becoming a member is free, and has many benefits. You can sign-up to become a member here.


Cosmos has a large number of partner associations and companies. A few can be found on our partners page. Click here for the referral link for and Cosmos partner program.


The board of Cosmos consists of four people. The current board members for the academic year 2016-2017 are (from left to right):

  • Adrian Yankov (Student Affairs)
  • Asaf Kedem (Chairman)
  • Aylin Buyruk (Internal Affairs)
  • Niels de Jong (External Affairs)


Committees are groups of Cosmos members that keep Cosmos going and help the community grow. Cosmos currently has five committees:

The Common Room Committee

The Common Room committee makes sure that the Common Room is open and accessible for people throughout the week. To keep the Common Room going, the Common Room committee makes sure that people stick to the rules and that people keep the room clean. You can contact them at

The Cosmos Developer Group

The Developer Group is in charge of managing the website, constantly expanding and updating its features. Considering the importance of this job, enthusiastic web designers and programmers are always welcome.

The Promotional Committee

The Promotional Committee helps Cosmos promote their events and make Cosmos known to all students in Eindhoven. Do you know how to design posters and flyers? Joining the promotional committee might be something for you.

The Home Event Committee

The home event committee organizes activities that make internationals feel at home in Eindhoven. These include activities in the Common Room such as cooking workshops, movie nights or cultural events. As making people feel at home is one of the main goals of Cosmos, this committee is important to create a nice atmosphere for internationals.

The Trip Committee

The trip committee organizes trips and activities that are outside of the Common Room. Examples of these trips are excursions to other countries, a paintball trip or city tours. Are you an active person looking to discover life beyond the TU/e? Feel free to join the trip committee!

Interested in joining a committee / making your own committee?

These committees organize events and perform activities to keep Cosmos going. For more information about committees, and how to join one, please contact us at you have an idea for another nice new committee, also feel free to contact us!