Common Room

Common Room Directions

The Common Room is located in the Metaforum building at the TU/e. The map below shows how to get to the Common Room from the entrance of Metaforum on the ground floor. 


For reservation of the Common Room you can contact us at and fill in this form.

Before reserving the Common Room, please read the rules below. Know that the Common Room is kept open by volunteers and we may not be able to keep the room open at all times!

The latest version of the Common Room Regulations can be found here.


Common Room Reservation Rules

The Metaforum is open from 8AM to 11PM on weekdays and from 10AM to 10PM in the weekends.

  • The Common Room cannot be reserved for private events. This means:
    • The room is public, no one can be denied access to the room
    • The event itself must also be public and open to anyone to join
  • The event should be in English since according to the previous point it must be open to everyone.
  • The Common Room has a maximum capacity of 30 people. Because of safety regulations this limit cannot be exceeded.
  • The event should be organised by Cosmos, AEGEE or be international in nature.
  • Reservations must be made 7 days or more in advance of the event.
  • There is a 30 minute period after the start of the event in which the host can be late. If the host does not notify the volunteer of their lateness, the volunteer has the right to cancel the event after these 30 minutes. If the host calls during that 30 minute period and notifies the volunteer that they will be later than 30 minutes, the volunteer has the right to cancel the event.
  • If the event starts later than planned this cannot have an effect on the ending time of the event.
  • No beer bottles are allowed in the Common Room and they will be removed from the room.
  • The kitchen of the Common Room is not equipped to handle cooking for big groups, it's main purpose is to heat up pre-prepared food. Therefore it is not allowed to cook for groups of more than 5 people.
  • MetaForum closes at 23:00 on weekdays and 22:00 on weekends. The event must end an hour before closing time to leave time for cleaning. The volunteer will enforce this.
  • Anything broken or damaged in the Common Room is the responsibility of the main host.
  • After an event the Common Room must be left the way it was found or nicer.
  • Any rules broken will result in
    • Reporting to TU/e
    • Banning from further reservations of the Common Room
      • OR
    • Payment of damages in full as decided by the Common Room Committee