Help for Students - Eindhoven

This page is a work in progress. Information is extracted from the Cosmos FAQ as on this page.

Eindhoven is the 5th largest city in the Netherlands and is called the center of technology, innovation and design. This status is largely due to establishment of Philips in Eindhoven in the 1890s. Since then the city quickly expanded and the region became of great interest for other technological companies. Eindhoven has a population of slightly over 200,000 inhabitants, of which almost 17,000 are students at Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Eindhoven covers an area of 88 square kilometers. Eindhoven has a small airport that is mainly used by the charter companies such as Ryanair, Transavia and Wizz Air. These companies offer cheap tickets to all the major cities in Europe. Eindhoven Airport therefore is an excellent way to explore the rest of Europe during your stay in the Netherlands.

There are a number of things that you, as a student, can do in this city. Since it has a university and several other higher education institutions, lots of activities are oriented towards students. A list of different activities and places is available on


Most bars are located at Stratumseind: the largest bar-filled street in the Netherlands. On the peak nights, Thursday through Saturday, you can meet approximately 20,000 people in that street. For larger concerts and music events Eindhoven has the Frits Philips Muziekgebouw, Beursgebouw and the Effenaar. The ‘Irish pub’, the ‘Hoogste Tijd’ bar, or ‘Café Bommel’ are places that differ from Stratumseind, and have their own bohemian atmosphere and different kind of music. The bars and cafés at Wilhelminaplein, such as Café Wilhelmina or Kaffee de Groot, hold weekly jazz or blues concerts or other similar events. Also here we have compiled a list of places for going out, and other activities/information, that mostly avoids the infamous Stratumseind.

Besides spots for going out there are also plenty of larger events that place around the city year round:

  • Young Art Night is a quarterly organized night event at the Van Abbemuseum. One has to look up when is the next one on their Agenda;
  • Dutch Design Week (DDW) might sound something snobby and not too interesting, but the city becomes really vivid with various events being held here and there for a whole week. Eindhoven feels like Amsterdam or other busy place during this week (As well as during GLOW, but that is less about nightlife);
  • And plenty of others, one just needs to check other great resources for going out in Eindhoven are CursorEindhoven LifeUit in Eindhoven.

Nightlife is a divided into 4 districts in Eindhoven:


Cycling is a big part of transportation in the Netherlands. Every person in Netherlands will own at least one bicycle. Cycling has a long history in the Netherlands, but in the 1950’s it faced issues when the public got obsessed with automobiles.Thankfully the society demanded for better cycling infrastructure and that is what we have now. In order to travel to different parts of the Netherlands using Public Transport, a purchase of a personalized Public Transport pass is a smart investment. This Public Transport pass is known as OV-Chipkaart (OV stands for Openbaar Vervoer (Public Transport in Dutch)) in the Netherlands and can be bought from Also there is always an option to use single use tickets and mess around with spare change, but with personalized OV-Chipkaart, “Travel Products” (a.k.a discounts) can be purchased for the cards, which are very useful if you are frequent Public Transport user. NS (Train) Travel Products can be purchased for OV-Chipkaart on their E-Store. For buses in Eindhoven, this can be done on Hermes (Eindhoven’s City Bus Transport provider) E-Store.

Without OV-Chipkaart, you will have to pay for the full trip fare. If you are travelling from A to B, but the bus starting place is A and the destination is D. You will have to pay for A to B, if you do not have a OV-Chipkaart.

A door to door Public Transport schedule and guide for the Netherlands can be found on Also check out Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps by the same 9292 name or HERE app for Android and Windows Phone that supports Public Transport all across the Netherlands and includes free downloadable maps of most countries for offline navigation.

Furthermore on January 2015 a city bus route 104 connected TU/e Campus with the Eindhoven train station.

To the outside world Eindhoven is connected via Eindhoven Airport (RyanairTransavia,Wizz Air and other), Eindhoven Train Station (NS International) and Coach Services (IC Bus,FlixBusEurolinesSTUDENT AGENCY and other). Rome2Rio is a great resource for planning trips via intermodal transport (Flying, Driving, Catching Coach or a Train)