Help for Students - Living

This page is a work in progress. Information is extracted from the Cosmos FAQ as on this page.

Accommodation in Eindhoven, the options:

TU/e offers to arrange accommodation for all students coming from abroad who are staying in Eindhoven for more than a month. You can also find a room by yourself. There are plenty of options to find housing in Eindhoven. A selection of options is made below:

With the help of the university

Before you come Eindhoven, the university/STU would ask you via email, whether you want them to help you searching for a room. If you agree with that, they will engage a housing agency (most probably Friendly Housing ( and the agency will offer you a room (incl. water, electricity, internet, basic furniture and kitchen appliances) in one of their student houses. The rent is between 300€ and 450€.

Via Vestide

If you wish to find an accommodation yourself, you can register with Vestide. Vestide specialises in housing for students, foreign visitors and other short stayers in Eindhoven. They offer unfurnished single rooms in student houses and apartments, but the rent here is quite reasonable. If you wish to register as registered accommodation seeker, click on this registration form.Here you can read about the rules of their allocation process.

By yourself

If you wish to find an accommodation by yourself, you can contact a housing agency or housing company. There are a couple of agencies, who also help students finding rooms/apartments:

Eindhoven 2 StayParariusHuurwoningen.nlHuur Inc.Goeth VastgoedThe Student Hotel


Another option is to search a room/apartment from independent (private) landlords on websites like:,

On these site you don’t pay any agency fee, but you will have to pay a small monthly fee to the website to access the advertisements.

Facebook can help you out as well. There are many groups, where landlords or students offering rooms/apartments. Here are two examples:

Eindhoven Housing;

Find a room(mate) or house in Eindhoven - kamer(s) in Eindhoven


While looking for accommodation on your own beware of FRAUDS and SCAMS especially on Facebook. Don’t pay any deposits before you actually see the room and sign some formal agreements. Here is a quotation of such SCAM scheme on Eindhoven Housing Facebook Group:

“Hi there!

This message to warn those who're looking for a room or an apartment. Yesterday, a girl ("Espinosa Mejias Claudia") sent me a message, cause she had a beautiful flat to rent. Everything was fine.

She asked me to pay a deposit first. I was really suspicious as I hadn't already visited the accommodation, so I asked her a lot of questions and I asked for her Skype... Now her fb profile is deactivated and this person doesn't exist anymore.

Naive people, beware. I checked on online chats and a lot of people got ripped off. And (unless you deal with an agency), don't pay anything until you're in the flat even if everything looks perfect!

So by the way, I'm still looking for a flat/room. If you heard about anything, if you need a new roommate or if you have a single flat to rent, please let me know!”

When you are invited for a kijkavond to a purely Dutch Student House - bring a six pack of beer or a small crate. Share a drink with everyone, ask what hair products do they use and if they have a calendar in the toilet and let us know if that was enough for you get the room.

Last resort: Wear a box

As a last resort you can always try wearing a box, which has your requirements written all over it:

And just in case you are Wondering – No it didn’t work.


The stereotype of Dutch people riding bicycles is everything but a lie, bicycles are an important aspect of every day life in the Netherlands. Almost all students in Eindhoven own a bicycle, and it is therefore highly recommended to buy a bicycle as soon as you move to Eindhoven. 

A great place to buy bicycles for a fair price is a shop called "De Fietsbrigade". They are located here. De Fietsbrigade offers a special deal for all Cosmos members, where you get 15% off all purchases. You can find their website here. De Fietsbrigade also offers a special deal where they will buy back your bike for a percentage of the original price when you leave Eindhoven.

To profit from the discount, login as a Cosmos member on your phone and show this to the Fietsbrigade.