Help for Students - TU/e

This page is a work in progress. Information is extracted from the Cosmos FAQ as on this page.


The TU/e campus is located in the Northeast part of the city center (Eindhoven Centrum is the name of the district in Dutch). It’s only a short walk from the central train station (Station Eindhoven in Dutch) - about 5 minutes. All the TU/e facilities are located on this campus, including the Student Sports Center Eindhoven (SSCE). 

Education and Student Service Center (STU)

There are times before, during and after your study that you may need some good advice about admission, coaching, help with personal matters, and job opportunities. These are some of the topics with which the Education and Student Service Center (STU) can assist you. The Service Desk of STU is the place to go with your questions on student affairs. Usually, you will receive an immediate answer to your question or an appointment may be made with a student advisor.

International Office

The TU/e International Relations Office (IO) is a permanent task force within the Education and Student Service Center (STU) and is responsible for policymaking and implementation in the domain of internationalization. The IO staff can give you information on the possibilities for grants, insurance, international student organizations and various other topics, which may be important during your stay.

For information, advice or support on the following topics, please contact the International Relations Office: admission procedures, visa applications, housing/accommodation, insurance, introduction programs for international students.


Most departments have their own canteens. They are all supplied by the same catering company: Eurest. That’s why you can expect a similar choice of food over the whole campus.

Additional information regarding canteens at TU/e campus in the following section: 10. Q: Where can I eat in the TU/e campus?


In the Netherlands it is compulsory to have health insurance.

Generally speaking, there are two options regarding insurance:

The International Office can arrange insurance for you, if you indicate this in the Confirmation Statement.

In some cases the health insurance that you are using in your home country is also cover you when living abroad. But you have to carefully check your insurance policy in your home country to see if it covers your stay in the Netherlands for both health and liability.

 Bank account

The International Relations Office can open a bank account for you at a Dutch bank called Rabobank. Before your arrival you will be informed about the bank account and how to pay money into it.

 Study and student associations

The university campus is not only the place to study, but also the place where you will find many things to do outside of working hours. In addition, if you are looking a place from where to buy academic books for your courses with discount, the study association is the place to do. Here is an overview of associations and leisure activities available on campus. (Link to all the study and student associations, other associations).

IIS (Intro International Students)

It seems that after the reorganisation of Bachelor College and Graduate School the year of 2015 has also brought attention to the Introductory Program for International Freshmen and the name might have been changed from TIP to IIS (Intro International Students).

IIS used to be called TIP – TU/e Introduction Program. IIS is mandatory for all new international Bachelor's students, enrolling in a TU/e Bachelor’s program. The IIS contains activities and events designed to introduce you to life in the Netherlands and Eindhoven, and to studying at the TU/e.

Starting from the academic year 2017-2018, the Intro International Students will be only one day. This is the friday before the official TU/e introduction week. In the official week, the introduction to student life for all new international and Dutch Bachelor's students and is called INTRO. Intro International Students is not just a great social event, but also an important program to help you settle in. After this week, there is a seperate week for Master's students.


ALSP scholarship selection procedure is very complicated and no student knows how they select a candidate. It is easy to get ALSP for few groups and very tough for other groups. It is as simple as this “If 5 people apply for mechanical masters and if all 5 have the 9 credit points in their bachelors. They will select the guy with the best profile”.  So it all depends on the people who are applying along with you. Here and here are the few links where a long discussion in facebook took place regarding ALSP and Automotive technology.