Help for Students - Working

This page is a work in progress. Information is extracted from the Cosmos FAQ as on this page.

After graduation

Finding a job depends on the economy and on your study. For some studies it is easier to find a job, for others it will take more effort. For more information you can consult STU and/or TU/e Career Center. Also for careers in Eindhoven’s High-Tech sector a good reference is Brainport talentBOXCursor (The news site for the Eindhoven University of Technology) has an article series about TU/e Graduates and their Careers/Life after finishing university called “Life after TU/e” where one can get a better picture of Career prospects.

Part-time jobs

For part-time jobs Dutch language knowledge might be required at warring degree, but one can only find that out after trying to apply.

Finding a part-time job in Eindhoven can be as simple as bringing your CV to a couple of restaurants (and catering (“Horeca” in Dutch) services providing companies in general) and landing a dishwashing job.Job agencies like Manpower, Tempo-Team, Recruit a Student also offer part-time/student jobs. Many arrange part-time jobs at the post office and work as postman or at supermarkets, where shelf stacking and other task are the main duties.

 How can I find a part time job as a student?

It is possible to find a part time job as a students, however it is quite difficult. For most student jobs (for example in restaurants, supermarkets etc.) good Dutch skills are a requirement. Of course there are jobs for English speaking students, but they are difficult to find. And once you have find a suitable job, you need to have a working permit, which is difficult to get as a non-EU student. Non-EU students have only 10 hrs of work permit.  Moreover as a master student, you wont have time to do part time job.

Searching for jobs on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media with #partime #vacature #vacantiewerk #Eindhoven and similar hashtags can also deliver results.