What is Cosmos?

As Cosmos we aim to provide a welcoming and friendly environment for the international students at the TU/e. We are made up of student- and staff volunteers that want to help the ever-growing community at our university. In addition, we do the following main things:

  1. We strongly promote mutual integration of Dutch and international students in Eindhoven by celebrating culture on the TU/e campus.
  2. We try to create a home-like environment in the Common Room, where (international) students can come to relax and socialize. 
  3. We are also responsible for organizing the introduction day(s) for the new international students at the TU/e.
  4. We provide a voice for international students within the TU/e community on all issues related to student life on campus.

 An overview of our history can be found on our history page. A selection of pictures of our events can be found in our photo albums


COSMOS has over 1000 members from over 80 different nationalities. The members of Cosmos are the heart of the association, and their work and enthusiasm keeps the association running. Becoming a member is free, and has many benefits. If you are a TU/e student or staff member, you can sign-up to become a member here


Committees are groups of Cosmos members that help Cosmos with a specific goal. Cosmos has a lot of committees that help out manage our room, website and activities. More information about our committees can be found on the committees page.


The current board members for the academic year 2019-2020 are:

  • Jamie Tjong-Ahin (Chairwoman)
  • Salma El-Garhi (Secretary)
  • Annebelle Olminkhof (Treasurer)
  • Tudor Popescu (Internal Affairs)
  • Pius Bentgens (External Affairs)

An overview of the previous boards can be found here.