Upcoming Cosmos Events

This page shows an overview of future events that Cosmos is organizing. A large part of our events are free for all members of the TU/e Community, however, participating in some events requires you to be a Cosmos member. For every event, a link to Facebook is provided with more information on location, where to sign up, and more!

Past Events

These are the events that were recently organized by Cosmos. Keep a look out for yourself in the pictures!

Netflix Online Watch Party (2020-04-04)

Hey, friends! We know that self-isolating can be a lonely business, therefore we would like to make this difficult time a bit brighter with a Netflix Online Watch Party! Link to join the event: https://www.netflix.com/watch/80233626?npSessionId=58830b9db78ad398&npServerId=s110 Everyone who would like to participate, should have a Netflix subscription and download the Netflix Party Chrome extension. All the steps are listed here: https://www.netflixparty.com/ See you then! Stay safe and stay home!

Board Interest Info Lunch (2020-03-11)

Are you interested in becoming part of the board of Cosmos? Wondering what our functions, tasks and responsibilities are? Why you would want to be board and what you'll have to gain from it? Or maybe you have other questions? On the afternoon of March 11th, we'll provide you with more information on what being a board member is all about. We'll give a presentation about what it takes and answer any other questions you may have. Join us in the Common Room! We'll be waiting with answers and pizza! 🍕✌🏼

Cheese Tasting Night (2020-03-07)

Come and prove your cheese knowledge in a cheese tasting competition on the 7th of March! If you're not one to compete, you can still come by to munch on some cheese after the competition and learn some cheesy facts. Entrance is free and the grand champion of cheese tasting will receive a fitting prize!

Battle of the Rooms (2020-02-18)

Battle Of The Rooms 2020 | Cosmos, AEGEE, Confluente 19:00 February 18 @ Honors Room, Metaforum Battle Of The Rooms is back! This event is open for members from Cosmos, AEGEE & Confluente. Sign up now: https://esdachronos.nl/botr The inhabitants of the Honors & Common Room all used to get along, but times are changing… Radical movements such as Anarchist AEGEE, Communist Cosmos and Conservative Confluente are gaining popularity. Tensions have been rising, conflict is inevitable if nobody steps in to prevent escalation. This is your call of duty! Representatives of all three associations in the Honors & Common Room, Cosmos, AEGEE and Confluente, will be facing off in an unique debate, It is their task to convince an independent jury, facilitated by E.S.D.A Chronos, about their position. Participants will learn how to set up their arguments in an exclusive workshop, after which they put their skills to the test, settling once and for all: Which Room Is The Best? You can also sign up for an optional cheap meal beforehand in the common room! Sign up now: https://esdachronos.nl/botr

Committee Market (2020-02-12)

Very soon the second round of Committee Market is happening! Join us on the 12th of February at 12:30 in the Common Room (ground floor of the TU/e Metaforum building) in order to learn more about the different committees that you can join as a member of COSMOS! From parties to websites, there is a wide range of roles that cater to many different interests. Ask all your questions and we'll be ready with all the answers. Anything from "what are committees" to "where do I sign up"! :) The different committees of Cosmos will be represented with the aim of giving you insight on what it means to join one of those committees and the what kind of activities you can join! We hope to see you there, there will be FREE PIZZA of course! We hope to see you all at the CR!

Studio Ghibli Movie Night (2020-02-09)

Want to take a break from studying? Come and join us this Sunday at the Common Room for a chill evening with some classic Studio Ghibli movies! Take a look at the movie options in our poll and vote on the one you would like to see most! The event is FREE and snacks will be provided. See you there!

Cosmos trip to Leiden (2020-02-08)

Stressed and tired out after exams? Well Cosmos has got you covered! On the 8th of February, the Trip Committee will be taking you to Leiden, a town known for its glorious history. The birthplace of the famous influential painter Rembrandt van Rijn, the spirit of the Golden Age lives on here. Here is your chance to witness a couple of Dutch historic landmarks. Click on the link to sign up. Hope to see you there!

Common Room Birthday (2020-02-04)

Come celebrate the 7th birthday of our beloved common room! If government regulations allowed, right now the common room would be in 2nd grade of the dutch education system. This needs to be celebrated! During lunch time on Tuesday the 4th of February, enjoy cake, pizza, cookies, some snacks and most importantly a birthday song we will be gifting to the room that many consider to be their second home.

Common Room Potluck (2020-01-24)

Cosmos and AEGEE-Eindhoven join forces for the first Potluck of the calendar year! If you haven't yet attended a Potluck here's how it goes; you prepare your meal at home (preferably one from your own country), bring it to the dinner and share it with the others - just like everybody else does. This way you get to try amazing food from all over the globe, for the price of your own dinner ;) P.S. Preparing food in the Common Room will be difficult if everybody is cooking in the kitchen, so please prepare at home!

General Members' Meeting #2 (2020-01-09)

The discussion points of GMM#2 will be the following: Welcome (Happy New Year!!) Finances Past Events Upcoming Events Common Room Internal External Secretary A.O.B. Do you have some improvement points for Cosmos? Make sure to drop by, we will serve pizza and drinks after!

Sports, Potluck & movie night (2019-12-30)

Sports at the Student Sports Center: Sauna will be open, no reservations needed 17.00-18.00: Cardio Core 18.00-19.00: Pilates 17.00-19.00: Badminton, Basketball, Soccer Potluck and movie at Hubble Community Cafe 19.00-21.00: Pot luck, bring you own dish 21.00-23.00: Movie time

Pub Quiz (2019-12-29)

On Sunday December 29th the lovely members of Cosmos and Scala will entertain you with an interactive pub quiz. Prizes for the winners! :)

Potluck, movies, sleepover, morning yoga & brunch (2019-12-28)

Saturday December 28th: The sauna will be on all day! 16.00-18.00: Fun games as ultimate frisbee and dodge ball 16.00-17.00: Zumba with Jaya 16.00-17.00: Cardio core with Lara 17.00-18.00: Pilates with Jaya 19.00-21.00: Pot luck dinner with free drinks 21.00-23.00: Scavenger hunt in SSC 23.00-02.00: Movie night plus fire pit & marshmellows Sunday December 29th: 09.00-10.00: Wake up with coffee and cake 10.00-11.00: Morning yoga with Lara 11.00-12.00: Luxurious brunch

Salsa Dance evening Hubble (2019-12-27)

On Friday December 27th there will be a gezellig dancing evening at Hubble Community Cafe. Together with the members of Footloose and the SSCE dancing community we will break down the dance floor! :)

Winter Special XL 2019 (2019-12-26)

During the December break the Students Sports Center, Hubble and Luna will be open for sports, dining, dancing, sleepovers and studying. Together with the volunteers from the SSCE, Fontys, Hubble, Cosmos, Footloose and Scala we welcome all students and staff from the TU/e, Fontys and Design Academy. Check out the day to day events for this festive week on the TU/e campus! :)

Sports, festive dinner & live music (2019-12-26)

A day at the sports center with sports,food and entertainment! 15.00-21.00: Sauna will be open, no reservations needed 15.00-16.00: Cardio Core in Hall II 16.00-17.00: Pilates in Hall II 15.00-17.00: Badminton, Basketbal, Soccer games in Halls I & III 18.00-23.00: Syrian dinner with live music in the SSC canteen :) For the dinner please sign up below. Total costs €8 includes food and drinks.

(For more past events, check out our Facebook page)