History of Cosmos


The Common Room naturally arose as a living room in “De Bunker” on Thursday October 21st 2010 by a diverse group of TU/e international students. International students back at that time realized there was a lack of places of social interaction for them and also it was relatively difficult to integrate in the Dutch student culture.

Later in 2012, two of the founding students proposed to the university to establish an international student association. The proposal got the university’s approval.

Starting from February 1st 2013, the Common Room moved to the MetaForum building on the TU/e campus. As of now, this is the current home-base for the Cosmos association

Ever since the beginning, and through the increased internationalization of the university until today, Cosmos has been at the forefront of providing a space, a voice, and a family to our members and those part of our community.

Current and Previous Boards


10th board of Cosmos (2020-2021)

Bárbara Dias (Chairperson)
Andrés Baroja Sierra (Internal Affairs & Treasurer)
Aniruddh Ingle (External Affairs & Secretary)

9th board of Cosmos (2019-2020)

Jamie Tjong-Ahin (Chairperson)
Salma Abdelsamie (Secretary)
Annebelle Olminkhof (Treasurer)
Tudor Popescu (Internal Affairs)
Pius Bentgens (External Affairs)

8th board of Cosmos (2018-2019)

Bram Mulders (Chairperson)
Anas Abu Dhaga (External Affairs)
Gergo Suto (Internal Affairs)
Alice Sibiescu (Secretary)
Teodor Negut (Treasurer)

7th board of Cosmos (2017-2018)

Jaqueline "Jackie" Edwards (Chairperson)
Thijs van Gansewinkel (Treasurer)
Aggariyo "Riyo" Wanagiri (Student Affairs)
Piona Hotakainen (Internal Affairs)
Eetu Närhi (External Affairs)

6th board of Cosmos (2016-2017)

Asaf Kedem (Chairperson)
Adrian Yankov (Student Affairs)
Aylin Buyruk (Internal Affairs)
Niels de Jong (External Affairs)

5th board of Cosmos (2015-2016)

Emilija Lazdanaite (Chairperson)
David Chen (Student Affairs)
Aishwarya Suresh (Internal Affairs)
Mahsa Nejati (External Affairs)

4th board of Cosmos (2014-2015)

Marius Lazauskas (Chairperson)
Alan Wever (Student Affairs)
Karolis Paliulis (Internal Affairs)
Dimitra Chantzopoulu (External Affairs)

3rd board of Cosmos (2013-2014)

Viktor Bonev (Chairperson)
Anqi Li (Student Affairs)
Deni Vangjeli (Internal Affairs)
Adithya Krishnan (External Affairs)

2nd board of Cosmos (2012-2013)

Jacky Janes (Chairperson)
Thomas Milde (Student affairs)
Rajiv Jathan (Internal Affairs)
Angeliki Sioliou (External Affairs)

1st board of Cosmos (2011-2012)

Jacky Janes (Chairperson)
Thomas Milde (Student affairs)
Rajiv Jathan (Internal Affairs)
Angeliki Sioliou (External Affairs)