Photo of Committee - Freshmen
Freshmen Committee

As a committee formed by freshies we aim to give a fresh perspective and organize events to wash away the stress and refresh the mind. We organize events in the hopes of getting and helping get used to this new university life, and to have fun in general. This might be a relatively new committee (we're still babies), but our hope is to grow and amuse people with our improvement.

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Photo of Committee - Wiki

The Wiki committee maintains the Cosmos wiki.

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Photo of Committee - Event

The home event committee organizes activities that make internationals feel at home in Eindhoven. These include activities in the Common Room such as cooking workshops, movie nights or cultural events. As making people feel at home is one of the main goals of Cosmos, this committee is important to create a nice atmosphere for internationals.

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Photo of Committee - Bar

The Bar Committee makes sure there are enough bartenders to keep the bar running during our International Borrels on Friday nights in Hubble, in which anyone is free to join! Also, once every quartile, the committee organizes events such as a Pub Quiz or Karaoke Night.

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Photo of Committee - Website

The Cosmos Website Committee is in charge of managing the website, constantly expanding and updating its features. Considering the importance of this job, enthusiastic web designers and programmers are always welcome to help! If you have any tips for us, please e-mail at

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Photo of Committee - Weekend

The Weekend Committee organizes relaxed, casual events on the campus in the weekends. If you are bored at home during your well-deserved weekend, feel free to drop by the Common Room and hang out with us!

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Photo of Committee - Media

Hi! We're the media committee, or mediacomm for short. We provide promotional material to other committees of Cosmos, to promote events they create. This promotional material can be posters, videos, tickets, anything! Aside from promotion for events, we also design a hoodie and a yearbook every year.

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Photo of Committee - Trip

The trip committee organizes trips and activities that are outside of the Common Room. Examples of these trips are excursions to other cities in the Netherlands, a paintball trip or bike trips. Are you an active person looking to discover life beyond the TU/e? Feel free to join the trip committee!

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Photo of Committee - Common Room
Common Room

The Common Room Committee makes sure that the Common Room is open and accessible for people throughout the week. To keep the Common Room going, the Common Room Committee makes sure that people stick to the rules and that people keep the room clean. You can contact them at

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