Romanian BBQ Workshop

  • From: 13 May 2023, 17:00
  • To: 13 May 2023, 20:00
  • Where: Common Room
  • Cost: 8.00 €

Get ready for an Eastern European experience at our Romanian BBQ Workshop!

Join us for a hands-on class where you'll learn how to prepare and cook various delicious and authentic Romanian BBQ dishes. Join us on *Saturday, the 13th of May, from 17:00 in the Common Room*.

For only *8€*, you'll get to learn _how to make mici, customize your skewers, and enjoy some creamy polenta_ among others! (*We also have vegan options!*) Along with the practical skills, you'll also learn about the cultural and historical significance of Romanian food and how it has evolved over time.

So if you're looking to take your BBQ game to the next level with Romania's finest, don't miss this chance to learn it at our event! Book your spot now, using this link: Romanian BBQ Workshop (, and get ready to savour the authentic taste of Romania! 🥓