Winter Celebration

  • From: 18 Dec 2021, 13:00
  • To: 18 Dec 2021, 17:00
  • Where: Common Room
  • Cost: Free

Join us for hot chocolate, gluhwine, candy canes and pepernoten in our lovely Winter Celebration event!

You better watch out. You better watch out! YOU BETTER WATCH OUT!
The Weekend Committee's Winter Celebration event is getting closer and you still haven't signed up to experience the winter joy! Join us for hot chocolate, gluhwine, candy canes and pepernoten, and sing along to the classics of winter or just relax.

But what would the festive period be without gifts! Which is where you can come in to help bring life to the season of giving by way of optional Secret Santa! We will send everyone that partakes an email with the person they must buy a gift for and their wishlist. The gifts should be between 5-10 euros.

Sign-up for the event will open from 08-12 13:00. Signup link:
The option to join Secret Santa will be open until 12-12, 23:59.

We hope to see you there!