Battle of the Rooms - Archery Tag

  • From: 26 Mar 2022, 14:00
  • To: 26 Mar 2022, 16:00
  • Where: SSC Sport Hall 3
  • Cost: 2.50 €

Join us for the Finale of Battle of the Rooms 2022!

It is time for the Finale of the 'Battle of The Rooms'! Are you a member of Cosmos, AEGEE or Confluente? Do you have a burning pride for your association?

Well there is no better place to display your pride than while becoming a champion of the association and grasping victory away from its competitors! Or in this case, while shooting down the competition with a rubbery arrow to the face!

Yes! You guessed it, the finale will be an actual battle, but with arrows and archery tag! The event will be held on Saturday, 26th of March, 14:00 at SSC Sports Hall 3. Tickets are only 2.50 EUR!

There will be an award ceremony afterwards at the Common Room with drinks and snacks! Spectators are welcome for either or both segments.

NOTE: Please bring sport shoes!

Link to Signup: