Matrix Movie Marathon

  • From: 03 Mar 2022, 12:00
  • To: 03 Mar 2022, 21:00
  • Where: Common Room
  • Cost: Free

An all-day marathon of the classic Matrix movies in the Common Room!

Do you have free time on March the 3rd? Have you always believed there was more to reality? That some grand robot conspiracy must be behind this weird slice of reality you find yourself in. Do you want to take the red pill?

Then join us for the Matrix movie marathon, where we will show you how far the rabbit hole goes!

Entry is free and you can join the event at any time you want. Feel free to bring any snacks and drinks you'd like and cozy up in the Common room!

12:00: The Matrix
14:15: 10min break
14:25: The Matrix Reloaded
16:45: 30min break
17:15: The Matrix Revolutions
19:25: 10min break
19:35: The Matrix Resurrections