Common Room Clean Up

  • From: 11 Jul 2022, 11:00
  • To: 11 Jul 2022, 16:00
  • Where: Common Room
  • Cost: Free

Come help us clean the room we all love and join us for a tosti lunch!

The year is almost over and what better way to celebrate this than another Common Room clean up! It will be held at 11:00 on the 11th of July. We will be serving a buffet of luxury tosti's to each and every person that will join us in cleaning the CR afterward. Furthermore, the perishables we will be throwing out will be split amongst those that help with cleaning.

ATTENTION: All perishables, named or not, will be thrown out at this clean up. If you still have food stored in the CR, please take this back home before the clean up on the 11th of July. (edited)