Hey, welcome to the new website!

19 Aug 2021 - By

We've worked really hard on the new look of the website, hope you like it!

With the website committee, we've been hard at work trying to revamp the cosmos website. Last year, we had already published a new website that had some new features under the hood to make it easier for us to work on, but the style wasn't quite what we wanted it to be yet. Over the past year we've focused on the look of the website just as much as the functionality so that people will want to come check the website out more often.

Here's a list of things of what we've done:

- A new look!

- A news section (for posts just like these and cool stories from members)

- A photos section, so you don't have to go digging through Facebook to find them.

- A GMM section where the board can upload agenda's, minutes and any other relevant documents.

In the future we want to add an events section where we can advertise all our events as well as have a signup system and eventually even payment.

If you have any other cool features, we'd love to hear them!


- Maxime