Common Room Rules

11 Sep 2021 - By Bárbara

New temporary rules due to corona

Hey everyone, as you know the CR is open again. However, the board would like to ease into the opening to ensure we do it as safely as possible under the regulations of the TU/e. In this preliminary announcement, we would like to make it clear about the rules we have for the CR now. 

- Please clean up after yourself, wash any mugs/dishes that you have used
- You are welcome to use the coffee machine, kettle, and tosti machines at any point in time the CR is open
- You are only allowed to use the kitchen between 17:00-19:00, mainly for dinner but anytime on weekends. The reason is that we want to ensure that there is a responsible member during the time the kitchen is used so they can visibly see that it is kept clean after cooking. Also, we feel that lunchtime leads to crowding in the kitchen due to the tosti and coffee machine and that the covid regulations are based around seating positions, not standing ones
- The capacity of the CR is set at 40 for fire safety purposes. 

These are the preliminary rules and please abide by them. We will be discussing CR regulations at the first GMM should you wish to add any suggestions or have any objections regarding them.