Cosmos News! - October Edition

10 Oct 2022 - By Andra

Cosmos News! Here to update you on what goes on in the association!


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 A lot of what the board does is not directly visible to most members of the association. Which is why we will be using this section of the newsletter to update everyone on what the board has been doing in front of and behind the scenes.

 Maco - Chairman: 

Maco has spent his time organising meetings both with the board as well as with other important parties around the TU/e. He has picked up responsibility for several board events, such as the first potluck and the appreciation event for intro volunteers. Furthermore, Maco participates in the Student Advisory Organ with Quinten, representing the interests of international students at the policy level

 Andra - Secretary: 

Following the start of the year, Andra has been very busy with making all the promotional materials for Cosmos and the different events organised by the association as well as the promotion material templates that the committees need. She is also chairing and helping Media Committee get started, as well as communicating with Groep-een about the cooperation with Cosmos. 

 Quinten - Treasurer: 

Quinten has been working primarily on his new system for reimbursements. Creating budget templates as well as a system for approval and reimbursements using these templates. In order to shift financial responsibility away from committees and back towards the board. Beyond that, he has helped organise events within Diversity Week and External Committee events with the help of Desi. Lastly, he has been working with the Common Room Committee to update the CR regulations.

 Kali - Internal Affairs: 

Kali has been busy setting up all the committees of Cosmos, talking to potential new and already interested members and assigning them to committees. Following which she attended the first meetings of many committees to help them get started. She is now working to distribute information to committees and make sure to help them in setting up their first events. Furthermore, she is making sure that all the committee needs are met and that members are having a good time. She is also working alongside Wiki committee to improve the Cosmos Wiki.

 Desi - External Affairs: 

Desi has taken up the role of External Affairs, reaching out and establishing communication with several associations and organisations in Eindhoven as well as advising these associations on the topic of internationalisation. Following this, she has set up the External Committee for this year and began organising events with the help of it. Desi has also been taking part in the SUMAP meetings this year to help make our association more sustainable along with Andra.



 Roller Skate Disco – 11th of October, 18:00 – 22:30 

We welcome all students and staff to join us for the closing event of Diversity Week on Coming Out Day!

This epic Roller Skating Disco party is for all levels, even if you've never skated before. You can rent skates and additional protective gear via signing up, or bring your own skates!

Dress code= Colorful, shiny bright disco attire!  Come and get your groove on with us!

Sign up link:


 October Potluck – 14th of October, 18:00 – 21:00 

Our next Potluck will be held on the 14th of October at 18:00 in front of the Common Room.

What is a potluck? You prepare your meal at home (preferably one from your own country), bring it to the dinner and share it with everyone else. This way you get to try amazing food from all over the globe, for the price of your own dinner!

Note that you can also make a group (of max. 3 people) and bring a larger dish between all of you.

You can sign up by clicking on this link:


 Weekly Borrels! – 14th of October, 20:00 – 00:00 

Join us for our weekly borrels at Hubble! We usually start at around 20:00 every Friday, and it's a great place to get to know Cosmos better over a pint of beer.

Want to try your hand at bartending? Cosmos also organizes bartenders every week, so get in touch with our Bar Committee if you'd like to register for a bartending slot. No prior experience is needed!


 International Afternoon Tea – 17th of October, 17:00 – 19:00 

If you are interested in learning about other cultures and meeting new people, you should definitely join us for a tea-tasting session where we will be travelling around the world from the comfortable couches of the Common Room.

You can sign up here:


 Frankenstein’s Fair – 21st of October, 19:00 – 00:00 

Cosmos along with the Indian Student Association, Caribe and TUe Hungarian Association bring you this spooky Halloween-style event.

Put on your best costumes and join us for fun activities at our trick-or-treat stands, or take part in our chilling scavenger hunt. There will also be a costume contest where you can win fun prizes for the best costume!

The event will take place on the 21st of October at 19:00 right outside MetaForum in the Martkhal. For this event, you will have to bring your own alcohol but attendees will be able to enjoy the first two drinks on us!

Sign up here before spots run out:


 De-Stress Event – 22nd of October, 12:00 – 16:00 

With exams soon approaching, stress levels are reaching all-time highs. To help with this, we will be holding a de-stress event in the Common Room with multiple relaxing activities to help everyone calm down in between studying.

We will have a colouring station, a puzzle-making zone and iron-on bead crafts to create beautiful, pixelated bead art. To help you reach your inner zen we will be providing snacks, as well as an assortment of relaxing teas - or coffee if you need a boost before heading back to work!



 Trip to Haarlem 

Come and explore the lovely city of Haarlem on the 19th of November with us! Updates will follow soon!

 Thanksgiving Dinner 

The Thanksgiving Dinner will be happening on the 24th of November, from 18:30! More details will follow soon so stay tuned!



Last year Cosmos joined the new identity umbrella FISO. This year a new board is taking over the responsibility of FISO.

The official board transfer took place on the 29th of September. The new board consists of Anne-Wil van den Heuvel (Chairman), David de Rijke (Secretary), Anne-Roos van der Zalm (Treasurer), and Odin de Ridder (External Affairs).

We look forward to their first month as board of FISO and will update you on further developments of the umbrella.



In order to help the international community at the TU/e. Cosmos has meetings with ESA to discuss educational and student affairs and find solutions to the problems faced by the many students at the TU/e. This year we intend to compile a list of topics for the meetings that will be held throughout the year. For this we would like the input of our community. 

If you have faced any issues at the TU/e, then please fill in the following form so that we can bring up these problems and hopefully resolve them! Furthermore, there is an optional section of the form that is about issues that we already intend to bring up.

You can use this link to access the form: